Vampire Facelift

Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Facelift is a name given to a non-surgical facial-rejuvenating procedure using a technique called platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP). PRP is a process that uses the body’s own platelets and growth factors present in the blood for rejuvenating delicate tissues of the face.

What are the benefits?

The Vampire facelift offers a way to both restore shape and improve tone and texture of facial skin and tissues. Not just a ‘band-aid’, it regenerates new and younger tissue to replace older tissue that has lost its elastic quality.

What is involved in the Vampire Facelift?

A small amount of blood (30-60mL) is drawn from the patient’s arm (the “Vampire” part of the name) and spun in a specialized centrifuge to separate the blood components. Platelets and growth factors are then extracted. These are put into solution with other natural compounds to assist in regeneration, such as dextrose (sugar water) and vitamins (B12). This natural solution is now called PRPFM. This is injected into the tissues of the face and regenerates the proteins and cells necessary for a healthy and younger-looking complexion. This procedure takes place in-office.

How does it work?

Vampire Facelift Edmonton

The treatment is effective in reversing the three major signs of aging:
1) Skin discoloration due to reduced blood flow to the area.
2) Facial shape collapse and droop due to decrease in muscle tone and collagen.
3) Skin texture deteriorates to be less supple and smooth.

The platelets and growth factors that are extracted from the patient’s blood are the very compounds that the body uses to heal damaged tissue. When the solution is injected into the areas of the face in the concentrations used in PRP technique, it uses the body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair and heal. Upon injection, the growth factors activate multi-potent stem cells present within the skin to become new tissue, including:
• New Collagen for structural support.
• New fatty tissue for smoothness and supple shape.
• New blood vessels for a healthy glow.

What does it feel like?

The process uses numbing cream and a very fine needle for minimal sensation during the injection. Most people experience little, if any, pain. The activation of multi-potent stem cells in the skin by the growth factors creates a mild inflammation that is the body’s mechanism of healing and regeneration. The skin can be mildly affected for a few days.

How the following areas benefit from treatment:

a. Cheek: PRFM placed in the cheek will lift the cheek back out to a round contour. The fat cells in the cheek will both enlarge and multiply, giving the cheek a smooth appearance. The blood vessels in the cheek will multiply, giving the cheeks a rosy color.
b. Tear trough (Under the Eye): Volume loss under the eyes can heavily impact appearance, manifesting as apparent tiredness and dark circles. PRPFM injected near the tear trough under the eye smoothly fills the space with new, brighter tissue.
c. Nasolabial folds and around the lips: PRPFM can soften the lines that surround the mouth and reach up to beside the nostrils. New collagen in these areas softens lines and gives the face an overall younger appearance.
d. Chin: Smoothing the skin of the chin with new fat cell growth contributes greatly to the appearance of a young face when done in conjunction with softening of the nasolabial folds.
e. Jowls: The loose skin of the jowl can be tightened for a firmer neck and younger-looking jawline.

When can I expect results and how long will it last?

Two to three weeks following the treatment, new tissue growth begins to be visible. The target areas begin to fill in, brighten, soften, and to look full and natural. The full effects are reached by three months post-treatment, giving you a dramatically improved appearance. The major effects will last 12-15 months.

What’s the difference between the Vampire Facelift and the Vampire Facial?

The Vampire Facelift, described above, involves a specific way of injecting PRPFM to create a more beautiful shape, color, and texture. The Vampire Facial involves a device with thousands of micro-fine needles, called microneedling. The PRPFM is applied to the skin topically and the microneedles roll across its surface to to open up thousands of portals for PRPFM to enter. The Vampire Facial is an amazing treatment for acne and scarring – either from acne or other injuries.

How much does it cost?

The Vampire Facelift costs $1200 per treatment and provides dramatic results for up to 15 months. To schedule an appointment, please call 587-521-3595.

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