A Few of Our Favourite Things Part 2

We hope you were able to make one change from our list of suggestions last week. This week we feature a few more of our favourite kitchen tools!

Alternatives to Plastics in the Kitchen

Plastics contain chemical toxins that are bad for your body and the environment, especially when they are heated.

A Few of Our Favourite Things Part 1

One of the unique differences about Natural Terrain is that we are a husband and wife naturopathic team. As clinic owners, we care about you and your health. As parents, our number one concern is the health of our child (who is now 12.5!) and as a married couple that also work together, we strive daily to find “work/life” balance.

Are Cell Phones & Cell Towers Safe?

Is society’s current understanding of the health effects of electromagnetic exposure parallel to society’s understanding in the 1970s of the health impacts of cigarette smoking? Decades ago, the tobacco companies created doubt and controversy about the proposed health risks of smoking; however, with more research and the passing of time, there is now evidence of several health risks associated with smoking.

Case report: Novel use of PRP for COPD

Case report by Dr. Michael Mason-Wood: an 85 year old male diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) from smoking for over 30 years was experiencing severe symptoms of difficulty breathing and chest tightness. The next treatment option available for him was oxygen therapy which is the typical treatment for individuals with his condition. In 2013,

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