Beyond the Label

Moving through stigma and shame to mental wellness

Dr. Chris’s second book “Beyond the Label – 10 Steps to Improve Your Mental Health with Naturopathic Medicine” is available for purchase on Amazon, Chapters, Barnes & Noble and in the clinic.

Dr Chris Bjorndal Beyond the LabelDr. Chris is a unique and motivational author with a captivating story of hope, recovery, success and desire to seek the truth in all things. She will inspire you to take charge of your life and health as she guides you through her personal journey of recovery from many challenges in the realm of mental health including depression (with suicide attempts), adoption, anxiety (both general and social), panic attacks, bulimia, stress, disordered eating, and bipolar disorder type 1. What she has endured and overcome will shock and surprise you – you will journey with Dr. Chris on an emotional roller coaster ride with her as she takes you through her personal experiences. At the end of the ride, you will find yourself inspired and empowered as you see how her life unfolds and where she is today, living her life’s purpose and passion in the most authentic way.

The second book will outline, step-by-step, how you can move from the current mental health “label” you have been given to optimal health on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Her book will particularly resonate with:

  • anyone that has struggled with accepting a mental health diagnosis
  • those that are currently not functioning optimally in their life
  • people who are ready to make positive changes, but feel stuck in fear, stigma or shame
  • anyone who feels their soul is calling them to follow a different path but they aren’t sure how to navigate the transition to move into another lane
  • health professionals with an interest in guiding patients to emotional freedom

Dr. Chris’s book will give you the courage, support, confidence, and guidance to take the steps to mental wellness.


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