Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine EdmontonBotanical medicine is used universally by Naturopathic Doctors as one of the main modalities used to treat patients. It involves the use of plants for healing which goes back to the beginning of civilization. Today, 80% of the world’s population uses plants to treat illness. Many plants that we use in the clinic today have a rich history and have been documented as being in use anywhere from hundreds to thousands of years.

In addition, scientific study of medicinal plants is confirming the healing properties of many of these plants.

Where single chemically-derived drugs may only address one problem, botanical medicines are able to address a variety of problems simultaneously. Naturopathic Doctors use plant medicines from around the world and their organic nature makes botanicals compatible with the body’s own chemistry. As such, they can be gently effective with few toxic side effects. However, they do have their limitations and adverse side effects and so should only be prescribed by a Naturopathic Doctor.

Botanicals are used to enhance immune function; improve digestion; normalize bodily functions; destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi; soothe irritated tissues; calm nerves; and relax muscles.

Botanical medicines can come in the following forms: Tincture (alcohol based extract), Capsule or tablet, Powders and/or Teas.

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