What is the connection between ice and iron deficiency?

Do You Crave Ice a lot?

It’s approaching the warmest days of the year and hot drinks are making the transition to iced drinks. We may all want some cooler beverages, but have you noticed you are craving ice much more than usual? Are you chewing ice all the time? Research shows that this is possibly driven by an underlying health condition related to blood iron stores.

3-Day Detox Plan

With each change of season, many take the opportunity to tune up their diets with a spring cleanse or fast. There are many types of detoxification programs and what most have in common are recommendations for a “clean” diet & supplement suggestions to support the metabolism and elimination of toxins. However, what most miss is the suggestion to decrease your exposure to toxins in the first place.

Friends are good for the Soul

This is a story of friendship. Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, has beat cancer or who has died from it. Along with cancer, everyone knows someone who has been labeled with a mental illness, is currently undergoing treatment for a mental illness, has beat a mental illness or who has died from it.

Environmental Detoxification

With the changing of a season upon us, many talk about doing a spring cleanse. It can be confusing as there is much misinformation about what this entails, the benefits, risks, length of time etc. Ideally, the body should be able to detoxify itself but we are bombarded with toxins from the environment: pesticides and chemicals in and on our foods,

Letting Go

Have you ever had an “upset” with someone? Perhaps there is someone in your life that is not talking to you or you aren’t talking to? Many patients mention these situations to me, stating that their families are “dysfunctional”. What most of my patients don’t know is that I have had the same experience with my family and friends.

Energy Givers vs Energy Robbers

Everyone has positive and negative influences in their life. The important thing is to recognise which people, events or situations fill you up and which ones deplete you. By finding out what is stressful for you, changes can be made in the right direction towards a more healthful life.

A helpful exercise is to take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns.

Peak Your Running Performance

*Featured in Healthy Directions, June/July 2012. As an Ironman triathlete and marathon runner, I understand the importance of fuelling my body to achieve maximum performance on race day and through many months of training. In addition to ensuring adequate sleep, proper hydration and lowering stress in my life, nutrition also plays a critical role in my sports performance.

Greening the Cancer Cause: Changing the Way Women Think About Breast Health

From April to October, one well-intentioned organization after another is asking for money to support “a cure for cancer” or cancer research. As a cancer survivor and naturopathic doctor, I donate to a brilliant program created by three courageous women in Canmore, Alberta -the Pink and Green Ribbon campaign. (Now called Rethink Breast Cancer). 

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