Feed Your Body Like a Ferrari by Dr. Lorraine McCarthy

Feed Your Body Like a Ferrari by Dr. Lorraine McCarthy

This summer, I read about US Olympian Carli Lloyd who was asked about her daily diet. The article included colourful pictures of a typical day’s food for Ms. Lloyd, featuring healthy protein sources such as legumes and fish as well as many fresh fruits and leafy green salads. In the interview she commented, “You don’t put regular gas in a Ferrari.”

This is the perfect summary of how we should look at what we eat. It is an analogy I have used with my patients as a Naturopathic Doctor. Clearly, this Olympian considers her body a beautifully-designed, high-functioning machine – like a Ferrari. And so she should.

It’s not only Olympic athletes who should view their bodies this way. We all need to. Our body is the best machine that we will ever have.  Without conscious thought, our body is, for instance, pumping our blood, delivering oxygen, clearing us of waste, sensing our environment, creating thought and experiencing emotion. Why would any of us put “regular gas” in our Ferrari? This machine has to last us our whole life. We have to take care of it to make it perform optimally.

These days, the “regular gas” is the food that fills most of our grocery store shelves. It contains added sugar, excess salt, unhealthy fats, colouring, additives such as corn starch and flavouring, and refined carbohydrates. It is often found in the boxes and packages that attract us (and our children) with bright colours and tricky labels. Just because it is ubiquitous, though, does not mean this food is healthy.

On the other hand, the super high-efficiency “clean gas” that you would put in a Ferrari is healthy food. For the most part, that is the food made from scratch. It includes fresh fruits and vegetables (organic when possible), legumes, healthy oils such as olive and coconut, non-GMO wheat-free grains, grass-fed and finished meats, wild fish, free-range organic eggs and whole, unsweetened dairy products.

Give yourself and those for whom you prepare food a gift; treat your body as an Olympian would, every day. Treat it like you would a very expensive, beautiful car. Feed it the cleanest fuel you can. You’ll find you are better equipped to succeed in the Olympics of your own life.

If you need help and are confused by all the marketing messages from the media around diet, what to eat and what not to eat, let me help navigate that road for you. Call 587-521-3595 to schedule an appointment today!

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