Integrative Medicine Speaker Series

Integrative Medicine Speaker Series

Thursday, Oct 18 7-9pm

To register call: 780-414-1466

Location: Roots on Whyte Building, 8135 102nd Street, Edmonton, AB – 3rd Floor Conference room

Tame the Inner Critic – Make Peace with your Mind and Regain your Mental Health by Dr. Christina Bjorndal

Mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, suicide/suicide attempts, addictions, etc are on the rise in North America – and these health concerns do not discriminate by age, gender or social status. There are many steps to regaining ones mental health and one key aspect relates to recognizing the voice of the inner critic. Getting to know and learning to challenge this “voice” is an essential hurdle to overcome in order to manage our minds. To make this shift, we have to understand how our inner voices operate. Where do they come from? What’s their purpose? How can we tap into our real, positive sense of self and learn to shift towards self-compassion? How can we learn to trust the voice of our hearts or intuition versus the voice of our mind/ego? Is it even possible? Dr. Chris has regained her mental health from four major mental health conditions: anxiety, depression (attempted suicide), bulimia and bipolar disorder type 1 (psychosis). Her talk will outline a step-by-step plan for taming the inner critic so you can learn how to manage your mind.

Presenter biography:

Dr. Christina Bjorndal is a Naturopathic Doctor who is considered an authority in the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and eating disorders. Having overcome many mental health challenges, Dr. Chris is a gifted speaker and author. She has shared her personal story and philosophy of wellness with audiences across North America and she writes about her experience in her books: Beyond the Label: 10 Steps to Improve your Mental Health with Naturopathic Medicine; The Essential Diet: Eating for Mental Health and Moving Beyond: Journal into Self-Discovery. She also has a 10 week course on mental health and in-person retreat. Visit

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