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Children's Allergies

Conventional medicine treats allergies by prescribing antihistamines, corticosteroids, and decongestants. However, these medications just mask the symptoms of your allergies and some have serious potential side effects. A naturopathic approach looks to identify why an individual has an allergy and then treats the root cause of the allergy. To discover what is causing an allergy blood and other laboratory tests are performed.

Naturopathic Autism Treatment in Edmonton by Natural Terrain


The definition of autism includes Genetic susceptibility exposed to a number of environmental insults resulting in a complex series of interactions in several body systems primarily the central nervous system (brain), the gastrointestinal system (the gut), and immunological system (body defense) results in autistic behaviors.

Naturopathic Eczema control with Edmonton's Natural Terrain

Children's Eczema

The first step to treating eczema is determining what factors are causing the hypersensitivity reaction. Since the development of eczema is multifactorial removing foods you are intolerant to may not be enough. Other factors may be involved and so other treatments may be necessary. Other common treatments for eczema include botanical medicine, environmental medicine, injection therapies, supplementation, lifestyle counselling, traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy.

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