Naturopathic Injection Therapies


Prolotherapy & PRP

Prolotherapy is also known as “nonsurgical ligament reconstruction” and is a treatment for chronic musculoskeletal pain. The word “Prolo” is short for proliferation as Prolotherapy treatment enhances the growth and formation of new ligaments, tendons and cartilage in areas where there is weakness or excess scar tissue.

Edmonton Sports Injuries solved with Naturopathic Medicine

Prolozone & Ozone

Prolozone therapy is a non-surgical reconstructive treatment for ligament and joint damage.


Biopuncture is a natural therapy that involves the injection of dilute botanical and homeopathic substances into areas of acute or chronic pain to stimulate the natural healing response of the body. The injections are done at very specific areas of pain and inflammation to promote a local immune response that stimulates the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

An Illustration of a man's anotomy showing the sympathetic nervous system in an xray style.

Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is a simple, safe injection therapy which balances the central nervous system (CNS); specifically the autonomic nervous system. The CNS controls the entire body and disturbances of it can affect all other bodily systems. These body systems include: breathing, heart rate, body temperature, circulation, digestion, lymphatic and every other bodily function.

Medical syringe fill with medication

Myer's Injections

The Myer’s cocktail is a form of intravenous micronutrient therapy developed by and named after Dr. John Myers, MD. It was originally formulated at John Hopkins School of Medicine.

Anti aging facial mesotherapy with syringe closeup  on woman face


Pioneered by the French physician Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952, Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that is widely used in Europe and South America to treat various injuries and medical conditions. In basic terms, Mesotherapy involves injecting a customized formula of substances just under the surface of your skin – the mesoderm – in order to treat a variety of different conditions.

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