Joint Pain

Joint Pain

At some point in one’s life, joint pain may become a reality. It is a constant reminder of our gradual aging and 315 million individuals see their GP about joint pain each year (1). In our society, most people think they have to life with the pain. The most common solution to joint pain is the prescription of an anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxant medications. However, there are many natural treatment options available for joint pain and it is one of the easiest treatable ailments. The first step on the way to recovery is identifying what kind of joint pain you are experiencing as there are different types such as osteoarthritis, gout, autoimmune disorders, or any number of diseases that cause joint inflammation. The next step is to understand the underlying cause of your joint pain. This includes looking at your lifestyle (weight, eating habits, and smoking), emotional trauma, biochemical and metabolic imbalances and past illnesses and injuries.

Dr. Mason-Wood will perform a physical exam and lab tests to determine where there is an imbalance in your body. Common lab exams you can expect are blood tests, heavy metal testing and hormone saliva testing, adrenal testing, food sensitivity testing and various biochemical and metabolic tests. By determining what organ systems are involved and the cause of the underlying joint pain a plan of treatment can be developed.

A common cause of joint pain is from trauma or a musculoskeletal problem. This is straightforward to treat and involves strengthening and supporting the area of injury. Dr. Mason-Wood performs various injection therapies that promote healing and strengthening in areas of joint pain.

Another common cause of joint pain is an individual’s diet. There are many foods that cause inflammation in the body and unfortunately many foods in the Western diet are culprits of this. Foods that an individual is allergic to also cause inflammation and these foods can be found by performing a food allergy test. Once Dr. Mason-Wood has this information he can use it to develop a nutrition program that will alleviate your joint pain. A common anti-inflammatory diet looks like this:

• Foods that an individual is allergic to are removed from the diet. Foods that are known to cause inflammation are also removed. These foods include (Sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, junk food and vegetables from the nightshade family).
• Foods that an individual should be eating include vegetables and fruit, proteins low in fat, clean carbohydrates (rice, millet, quinoa, spelt), cold pressed oils and organic butter. Plenty of fibre should be consumed as well as essential fatty acids to decrease inflammation. Additionally, an individual should be drinking plenty of fluids.
With this diet you will see results usually within a few weeks.

While these are the most common causes of joint pain, there are many others which include hormonal imbalances, adrenal dysfunction, dysbiosis, liver and kidney dysfunction, environmental toxicity, emotional and physical stressors.  Dr. Mason-Wood will work with you to find and treat the underlying cause of your joint pain. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Mason-Wood at Natural Terrain Naturopathic Clinic to take your first step towards alleviating your pain. Call 587-521-3595. We look forward to guiding you to being pain-free!


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