PRP winter pain

Winter got you down? Fight pain with PRP!

Don’t let winter pain win – use PRP & Prolotherapy

Winter can be dangerous

Shoveling snow, slipping on ice, hanging Christmas lights & driving in blizzards isn’t fun. At this time of year, we see it all come in the door. The most important thing to do is not re-injure yourself. Rather, coming in to have a PRP or Prolotherapy treatment helps you heal faster and can strengthen damaged tissue to prevent re-injury.

Dr. Mason-Wood provides complimentary 15 minute phone conversations to give patients added service who are experiencing pain and looking for more information.

Not sure if PRP or Prolotherapy is right for you? 

Read a first hand account by Dr. Chris & her pain management journey.

I have always been an athlete. Fortunately I have rarely been injured, but in recent years my fate changed. It started almost 10 years ago when I noticed a “tweak” in my knee. Nothing snapped or popped. But, the next day it was swollen. Like most people, I had never heard of prolotherapy or PRP, so I went to physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage. It took many weeks, but eventually it got better.

Then one year later, after a yoga class followed by a run, I felt my knee give way – and that was it.

I started with laser and my MD ordered an MRI. Diagnosis: complex tear of the meniscus; Solution: surgery. The problem was that I had to wait one year for the surgery. During this time, my mental health suffered and I slipped into a depression. Exercise is a key foundation in maintaining one’s mood. It was also during this time that my husband, Dr. Michael Mason-Wood was learning prolotherapy and PRP which are regenerative injection techniques to repair injuries. Since the surgery, I have used prolotherapy and PRP to maintain my knee joint health. I go for an annual “tune-up” just like I take my vehicle into the shop for maintenance. We need to do the same with the vehicle we walk around in day in, day out. If you have a sore, strained or damaged joint, ligament, tendon or muscle – whether it is a toe, ankle, Achilles, knee, hip, low back, elbow, shoulder, little pinky, thumb or hamstring   – prolotherapy and PRP are the treatments you need to restore function, health and healing to these important body parts.

In 2013, I tore my hamstring and once again was unable to exercise.

The difference between the last injury and this one was that I was immediately received PRP. I didn’t want to risk waiting a year for help. My injury resolved quickly and I was back on the trails in no time. I am so grateful that PRP is available and medicine has advanced to offer such solutions. Many spend months waiting for surgery when PRP can help the body heal and restore function. Let us guide you out of pain and suffering and get you back to living your life! Call 587-521-3595 or contact us today!

Written by Dr. Christina Bjorndal

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