Surviving Suicide: Chris Cornell

This past week another famous person committed suicide – Chris Cornell. Chris Cornell’s wife issued a statement which blamed anxiety medicine for his suicide:

“Vicky Cornell, the wife of Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell, speculated whether his suicide was the result of taking too much of his anxiety medication.

An attorney for the Cornell family,

The Mystery of Mania

When I studied Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, I was asked to be on a steering committee regarding the direction of the program for future students. In the discussion, the subject of mental health and psychology was discussed and one of the students raised a question about bipolar disorder.

Support your Menstrual Cycle with Seeds

Support your menstrual cycle with seeds by Dr. Chris Bjorndal

Do you struggle with mood swings prior to your menstrual cycle? Can you cry at a Kleenix commercial during this time? Or are you extra irritable and slightly more prone to anger just before your period? Remember that most hormone conditions, such as,

Poems by Dr. Chris


People busy in their lives
Talkin’ on their cell phones
Walking by without catching anyone’s eye
Missing the chance to connect
Really connect
Through the eyes of another soul
Because they are so focused on the goal

Of achieving, closing the deal, climbing, getting somewhere
That we forget being here
We ignore the human being walking by
Without even batting an eye

That person you passed
Could be dealing with pain
Carrying cement in their soul
The weight of which is crushing them
What would a smile from a stranger mean?

8 Health Risks of Low Cholesterol

8 Health Risks of Low Cholesterol – by Dr. Christina Bjorndal and Lachlan Crawford

It’s commonly known that elevated cholesterol in the blood is a risk factor for developing heart problems. In fact, high cholesterol is recognized as a major contributor to cardiovascular disease, the #2 leading cause of death in Canada, second only to cancer1.

How exercise helps your mental health

The Mood Disorders Society of Canada put out a startling statistic in 2009: 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime1, including depression, mood disorder, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactive disorders and dementia (with anxiety and depression being the most common by far). If 20% of our population will experience such an event,

“A Return to Love”

Today is the 20th anniversary of a suicide attempt that left me in a coma, on dialysis with kidney failure waiting for a kidney transplant. The months leading up to this attempt were very dark. I had recently been promoted as a Commercial Lender, but unbeknownst to me, the Branch manager “fixed” the commercial portfolios so that the one I managed had all the problem accounts and the one the other portfolio manager had contained all the A+ accounts.

Friends are good for the Soul

This is a story of friendship. Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, has beat cancer or who has died from it. Along with cancer, everyone knows someone who has been labeled with a mental illness, is currently undergoing treatment for a mental illness, has beat a mental illness or who has died from it.

A Ray of Hope for the Winter Blues

Winter has always been my favorite time of year – with the trees losing their leaves, the crisp cool days, the first snow fall and excitement of ski season. The turning back of the clocks at daylight savings time, however, brings the turning back of moods for many people. With exposure to less sunlight, especially in communities in Northern Canada, it can be more difficult to motivate yourself.

Naturopathic Guidelines for Depression & Anxiety

Statistics report that 1 in 4 people experience depression or anxiety in their lifetime. The good news is that it is a very
treatable condition. The naturopathic approach to depression and anxiety focuses on identifying and treating the cause
using a combination of dietary, lifestyle and herbal/supplement recommendations, as well as cognitive-behavioural

Guidelines for Eating a Healthy Diet by Dr. Chris

Diet is the foundation of health! You are what you eat, what you absorb and what you don’t excrete. Profitability drives our society and it, not your nutritional health, is the key motivating force behind the food industry.

How Sugar Affects Your Health

After Halloween and Thanksgiving, do you find that you can’t get through the day without a sugary snack? You may be one of many people who are “addicted” to sugar. Signs of sugar addiction include irritability, frequent colds/flus, headaches, mood swings and insomnia. Sugar addiction is, in part, a by-product of sugar’s purity – the body is not suited to accommodate this level of refinement.

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