Is your body a toxic wasteland? – Part 2 by Dr. Chris

Environmental Solutions: Part 2

When comparing our modern-day lives with those of our grandparents, it is clear that our environment has changed greatly. Not just the natural world, but in our day-to-day lives as well. We are exposed to far more chemicals, toxins, and different forms of radiation than generations past. At the same time chronic disease rates are soaring.

Environmental Detoxification

With the changing of a season upon us, many talk about doing a spring cleanse. It can be confusing as there is much misinformation about what this entails, the benefits, risks, length of time etc. Ideally, the body should be able to detoxify itself but we are bombarded with toxins from the environment: pesticides and chemicals in and on our foods,

Our Clinic is Growing!

We are excited to announce that Dr. Michael Mason-Wood (Dr. Chris’s husband) will be joining the clinic in September. In addition to seeing patients for general health concerns, Dr. Michael specializes in Pain Management (using biopuncture), Ozone therapy, Autism and Men’s health.

Dr. Michael is a naturopathic doctor who is truly passionate about helping people achieve greater health.

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