Are we sure about Ensure?

Are we sure about Ensure?

Ensure claims to be the #1 Doctor recommended nutritious drink, with its label stating it allows for a ‘complete, balanced nutrition to help stay healthy, active and energetic.’ But is this really the case? Ensure Clear provides 180 calories, 9 grams of protein, and 17 essential vitamins and minerals per serving.

Our Clinic is Growing!

We are excited to announce that Dr. Michael Mason-Wood (Dr. Chris’s husband) will be joining the clinic in September. In addition to seeing patients for general health concerns, Dr. Michael specializes in Pain Management (using biopuncture), Ozone therapy, Autism and Men’s health.

Dr. Michael is a naturopathic doctor who is truly passionate about helping people achieve greater health.

The Scoop On Poop

How improving your bathroom habits can improve your overall health,
Interview Conducted by: Alison Dunn

It’s a favorite subject for any seven-year-old, but for everyone else, talking about bowel movements is a pretty squeamish topic. “It’s kind of a taboo subject,” says Dr. Christina Bjorndal, a naturopathic doctor with the Natural Terrain Naturopathic Clinic in Edmonton.

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