Dr. Chris, ND has created a 10-week online course specifically to help build the base for patients looking for ways to support their mental health now.
The course is a series of recorded webinars and it offers deep teachings, guided exercises, readings, and homework to follow along and integrate the learning into real life. You can learn at your own pace because presentations come with lifetime access to listen and listen again. You can sign up for the course at www.drchristinabjorndal/com/coaching/

The Integrative Health Coaching Program is a holistic approach that introduces individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, disordered eating or bipolar disorder to the journey of recovery. This course is for those that want support in addition to what their current health care provider is offering. The program is evidence-based yet holistic, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual as vital parts of an integrative system. Register today at: