The O-Shot

The Orgasm Shot (The O-Shot)

The O-shot is effective in the treatment of:

1. Painful sex (Dyspareunia)- 10-20% of women will suffer from dyspareunia.
2. Vaginal dryness.
3. Urinary incontinence.
4. Female orgasmic disorder (FOD) – approximately 5% of women suffer from FOD, which is when a woman may get aroused but will have trouble achieving an orgasm.
5. Lichen sclerosis.
6. Arousal issues/Female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) – 5% of women suffer from FSAD, wherein a woman may have the desire for sex, but a lack of arousal. As a result, women can feel frustrated and dissatisfied.
7. Decrease in desire/Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) –Around 10% of women suffer with HSDD
8. Genital mismatch – partner anatomy does not fit properly for stimulation.

Who is it for?

• Approximately 10% of women never achieve an orgasm
• 40% of women suffer distress from sexual dysfunction
• 50% of women experience pain with sexual intercourse, that can lead to decreased physical desire and contributes to an inability to achieve an orgasm
• Urinary incontinence affects 50% of women over 60, but can also be a problem for younger women, affecting 5% of women under 40

Many women suffer distress due to sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. The benefits of the O-shot address this dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the area, which results in new tissue formation, tighter vaginal canal and opening, helps women achieve an orgasm and more intense ejaculations. The system of tissues involved in the female orgasm system is very elaborate. It is an elegant integration of multiple structures, psychological conditions and hormonal ingredients that work together to create the sensation of orgasm and the resultant pleasure, connection, and psychological benefits. The O-shot is an incredibly useful therapy for supporting the enjoyment of physical intimacy and love. It is a step you can take to help achieve sensation in your valued relationship. In addition to improving intimacy, the O-shot is effective at treating urinary incontinence. As a result it improves sleep and helps you to exercise without embarrassment, which ultimately improves self-esteem.

What does it involve?

The O-Shot begins with drawing blood from a patient and isolating PRP (platelet-rich plasma) by using a centrifuge. A gel is made by adding calcium chloride to make PRFM (platelet-rich fibrin matrix). The vaginal area is numbed and the matrix is injected in the structural areas responsible for orgasm and sensation.

What can I expect?

Some women (5-15%) have a phase of immediate increased sexuality in the first week after the treatment due to increased pressure from the injected fluid. This may be followed by a short phase of decreased sensation. It is important to note that this is completely normal. The long-term desired sensory and physical effects begin to appear 2-3 weeks after the treatment. These sustained changes are due to new tissue being formed by the stem cells and growth factors in the injection. It can take 2-3 months to experience the full benefit. A second treatment is recommended 4 months after the first. After two treatments, most women see their sexual enhancement reach higher levels than before.

Why it works?

Blood-derived growth factors are introduced into specific areas to help:
1) Rejuvenate the vagina to improve sensation during sex.
2) Stop urinary incontinence.
3) Encourage the formation of new blood vessels for sustainable tissue health and healing.

Success stories

  • After receiving the treatment, a 65-year-old woman who received the O-shot is enjoying orgasms for the first time in her life. She now has a better connection and more pleasure with her husband
  • A massage therapist could not finish giving a 90-minute massage without having the urge to go to the bathroom despite using it immediately beforehand. As a result, she would rarely drink any water, keeping herself chronically dehydrated. After the treatment, however, this problem resolved and she was able to treat her patients without worrying about urinary incontinence
  • Over 90% of women who have received the O-shot have improved sexual relations
  • 90% of women with urinary incontinence have experienced a resolution.


The O-Shot procedure is a specific method of injecting PRP to rejuvenate the tissue of the vagina that is protected by US Patent & Trademark law. The trademark identifies physicians who meet the required standards to perform this treatment and to legally use either “O-Shot” or “Orgasm Shot” on their websites.

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