Theralase Laser Treatments


What is Theralase?

Theralase Laser treatments at Natural Terrain Naturopathic ClinicExciting new treatment available at the clinic! Theralase laser treatments provide patients with a safe, effective and painless therapy that uses the body’s own natural healing systems to relieve sinus & lung congestion, pain, increase joint motility, increase tissue integrity and promote cell regeneration. Theralase lasers treatments work by supplying energy to the body in the form of billions of photons of light. The body absorbs this laser light on a cellular level and transforms it into chemical energy, which the body then uses to commence its own tissue repairs. The biostimulation effect of laser therapy causes a decrease in inflammation and pain and an increase in tissue regeneration and healing.

It has a wide range of applications in acute and chronic conditions, including muscle pain, arthritis, tendonitis, addictions (ie smoking cessation), sinusitis, lung infections, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back and neck pain, as well as cosmetic revitalization for dermatological conditions such as acne. Rather than destroying tissue, as with surgical (or hot) lasers, cold lasers uses low intensity laser light energy to stimulate cells, the building blocks of all tissue, in order to repair and healing.

Over 3,000 clinical studies worldwide have proven the success of therapeutic lasers in the healing of neural muscular-skeletal conditions. Theralase has performed a blinded randomized controlled study on chronic knee pain proving the clinical safety and efficacy of the laser technology.

The benefits of Theralase laser treatments include:
– Rapid cell growth: laser accelerates cellular reproduction and growth
– Faster wound healing: laser stimulates fibroblast development and accelerates collagen synthesis in damaged tissue
– Anti-inflammatory action: laser reduces swelling caused by bruising or inflammation of joints to provide enhanced joint mobility
– Stimulated nerve function: laser speeds up the process of nerve cell reconnection so damaged nerve cells are brought back to life
– Increased vascular activity: laser induces temporary vasodilation increasing blood flow to damaged areas
– Reduced fibrous tissue formation: laser reduces the formation of scar tissue following tissue damage from cuts, scratches, burns or post surgery.
Dr. Mason-Wood will be adding laser to his Prolotherapy and PRP treatments to decrease recovery time for patients and enhance the healing process of these therapeutic injection therapies. Please call the clinic at 587-521-3595 for more information.

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