Healthy Home & Body Detoxification Guide

About Dr. Mason-Wood, ND and Dr. Bjorndal, ND

Licensed Naturopathic Doctors

In his practice, Dr. Mason-Wood, ND  combines his extensive knowledge of herbs and natural therapies with his passion for living a clean life, free of harmful environmental toxins. His clinical focus is in environmental medicine, pain therapies and treating individuals with autism. He is extremely knowledgeable and loves to balance his work with gardening and exploring nature. 

Dr. Chris, ND is passionate about mental health and well-being and all the many factors that play in to that, including living a life free from damaging toxins and chemicals from our environments. She has appeared on many podcasts and television spots, and is a sought after public speaker where she shares her story of regaining her mental health using naturopathic medicine and being a strong advocate for environmental medicine. Dr. Chris’s vulnerability, enthusiasm and experience inspires her patients to achieve their health goals.