You've tried everything else.
Let naturopathic therapies fix the source of your knee pain for good.
Discover if prolotherapy or ozone therapy is right for you.



“Any joint in the body can be treated successfully with Prolotherapy regardless of when the injury happened. The treatment is also beneficial for most types of musculoskeletal pain.”

–Dr. Michael Mason-Wood Naturopathic Doctor, Natural Terrain



Prolotherapy is completely natural and safe - it’s made from dextrose. There is no risk of adverse reaction.


You will be sore of a day or two, after which you can return to your normal activities.


Many people experience lessening of pain within a few days, and for many all pain is gone after 4-6 treatments.

Whatever your personal circumstances and condition that has you searching for knee-related pain relief, the primary reason is likely that other solutions have not worked for you. Sound familiar?

Knee pain is most often a sign of tissue damage, which can be healed using prolotherapy to initiate a healing cascade that will correct the pain problem at the source—through fixing the damaged tissue. In this way, almost any and all instances of knee pain can be treated with these therapies—with only a few instances that require other interventions. (“Prolotherapy” originates from the word “to proliferate” and was coined to reference the way in which this treatment instigates the rapid growth of new cells.)


By injecting the degenerated or injured ligament/tendon with a mild irritant solution, acute inflammation is triggered to give the body a second chance at healing. The inflammatory cascade generates new, healthy, stronger tissue and has a significant impact on chronic, nagging pain. When function is restored, pain tends to dissipate. This is a great treatment if you've got a chronic injury that just won't heal in a timely fasion or long-term degenerated joints that ache and feel unstable. It may take 4 to 6 injections spaced at 2 to 4 week intervals to achieve a maximum result.
Prolotherapy uses the body's natural healing ability to releieve chronic pain, strenghten injured tissues, and restore function. For this reason, it is not indicated for every patient. In healthy patients, the treatment is 70% effective in most cases.
The cost for a 1.5 hour appointment is $375 - a portion of which can be claimed through extended health care plans. There is no limit on the number of areas/joints treated during your appointment.

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Prolotherapy has being practiced as early as the fifth century by Hippocrates

Hippocrates used hot branding irons to help fuse together torn ligaments in the shoulder joint. Since then, modern medicine has significantly improved the technique and the success of this treatment. It’s also become a lot more comfortable.

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Surgery and anti-inflammatory drugs often fail at stabilizing the joint permanently

When ligaments or tendons are stretched, torn, or fragmented, joints often become degenerated and painful. Prolotherapy repairs the weakened sites by producing new fibrous tissues. The result is a more stabilized joint and significantly less pain for most.

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Corticosteroid injections do not restore tissue health.

Prolotherapy rebuilds tissue, whereas cortisone can be destructive to tissue and cause thinning of the skin, easy bruising, weight gain, puffiness of the face, higher blood pressure, cataract formation, thinning of the bones (osteoporosis) and rare but serious damage to the bones of the large joints (called “avascular necrosis”).

Meet Dr. Michael Mason-Wood, ND

Dr. Michael Mason-Wood, ND is a naturopathic doctor, licensed by the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CNDA), who has a strong interest in managing joint pain using prolotherapy and ozone therapy and has advanced training in Environmental Medicine and Autism.

His patients testify to his exceptional pain management plans and the treatment of injuries using prolotherapy, prolozone, ozone therapy, neural therapy, mesotherapy and acupuncture.