Lab Services

Accurate and appropriate testing is essential in determining health status as well as any health deficiencies that may exist. Edmonton’s Natural Terrain Naturopathic Clinic offers comprehensive lab testing that covers:

  • Blood, Urine or Salivary hormone testing
  • Environmental chemicals and pollutants
  • Neurotransmitter testing
  • Toxic and essential element testing
  • Nutritional testing (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids)
  • Food intolerance testing
  • Lyme disease, Breast thermography
  • Comprehensive stool analysis and parasitology
  • Organic acid testing
  • Western allergy IgE scratch testing


General blood work is available through Dynalife at a cost. The information obtained from these tests help with diagnosis, treatment and further lab investigations that may be required. General lab testing may include: Complete blood count (CBC), Lipids (cholesterol), Glucose, Thyroid (TSH), iron levels, and so on.

It is also important to note that we practice Functional Medicine, which means that your test result may be “normal” on a routine requisition, but not optimal. Let’s use Ferritin as an example – the reference range is 20 – 300, and you will be considered normal if your result is 21. However, we would not consider that optimal and may recommend treatment based on the results of other diagnostic tests, such as hemoglobin, Vitamin B12, TSH, cortisol and iron.

Labs We Use

Hormone testing – DUTCH Precision

Comprehensive digestive stool analysis and parasitology – Genova Diagnostics

Heavy metal testing (hair & urine) – Rocky Mountain Analytical Labs or Doctors Data

Environmental medicine – Genova Diagnostics

Neurotransmitter and cortisol (adrenal) testing – Sanesco

Nutritional and cardiovascular testing – Spectracell

Vitamin D testing – Doctors Data

Food intolerance and Organic acid testing – Great Plains Laboratory

Viral testing – Armin labs