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What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional/natural forms of medicine. Naturopathic Doctors are medically trained yet naturally focused.  

What do Naturopath Doctors Treat?

Naturopath’s look at the body differently than other doctors. They do not simply manage symptoms, but work hard to find solutions for each individual patient, no matter the condition.
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Arthritis & Joint Pain
As one of the first PRP & Prolotherapy providers in Edmonton, Dr. Mason-Wood has the experience and dedication to help you on your pain-free journey.
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Mental Health
Dr. Christina Bjorndal is a renowned mental health survivor who uses her experience and personal strength to guide her patients to recovery. She is also an author, teacher & keynote speaker.
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Many health issues begin with gut & digestive health. Dr. Haarsma gives her patients the education & support to overcome often complex and long-term digestive issues.
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Family health
Dr. McCarthy assists busy families with staying on-track of their health regiment and helps them achieve their goals.
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Many women struggle with getting pregnant.Dramatically increase your chances of conceiving by utilizing natural remedies and lifestyle changes. For many women our reproductive years can be filled with frustrations; infertility, miscarriage and health challenges related to pregnancy such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.Often times there are issues that may need to be corrected with conventional treatments; conditions such as scarring to the fallopian tubes.

Pain Management


Many people seek medical advice for the alleviation of pain. This can include joint, spinal, muscular, neural or tissue pain. Natural Terrain has specialty programs for pain management.

Functional Medicine

Psychological therapy

Functional medicine is an integrated approach to your health that blends Naturopathic Medicine and the latest scientific research to address the underlying causes of disease. A key principle in Naturopathic Medicine is to address the root cause of illness and return the body back to balance. How our genetics interact with the environment and our lifestyle to influence our biochemistry is looked at from a scientific perspective. These two philosophies were brought together to form the system known as Functional Medicine that was created in 1990 by Jeffery Bland, MD.

Children's Health

happy family and daughter eating fruits in the kitchen

Naturopathic health care is for children as well as young people and adults. The sooner you act to safeguard and maintain the natural pristine health of a newborn baby, the fewer problems later on.

Men's Health

Edmonton naturopathic Pain Management clinic

Men’s health information from Natural Terrain will be added soon. Please keep in touch,

Women's Health


Naturopathic Medicine can play a key role in treating a number of women’s health concerns. We especially excel in listening to patients and determining which signals from the body are messages of imbalance. Utilizing a variety of treatment methods, such as botanical medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and nutrition, we guide patients back to a state of hormonal balance and optimal health.

Mental Health


Natural Terrain’s programs for mood disorders are tailored to each individual. We are familiar with psychiatric medications and can assist patients in integrating them with naturopathic care. Our goal is to address the root causes of health and restore mental wellness.

Environmental Medicine

Woman with a headache

Environmental medicine looks at the association between a patient’s health and the toxins found in our air, water, soil, food and medications. Small daily exposures can build up in our body and cause adverse effects to our health.



Natural Terrain offers a coaching program that is a supportive and safe group initiative with the goal of helping you move beyond your current state to the next level with the help of others, as well as yourself.


Homeopathic medication with tablets

Naturopathic Doctors are trained to support the organs of detoxification – which include the liver, kidney’s, colon, lungs, skin and lymphatic system. Many chronic illnesses will significantly improve by supporting the organs of detoxification. Naturopathic Doctors have extensive training in this area and use a combination of diet, homeopathic drainage, botanical medicine and supplementation to customize a treatment program for their patients.

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Arthritis & Joint Pain
As one of the first PRP & Prolotherapy providers in Edmonton, Dr. Mason-Wood has the experience and dedication to help you on your pain-free journey.
Advanced Therapies
Advanced naturopathic treatments offered by Natural Terrain include injection based therapies including prolotherapy, neural and prolozone , pain management and anti-ageing aesthetic therapies.
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Your healing journey towards optimum health, regardless of where you currently are, starts with setting an appointment with one of our Edmonton based, industry certified and professionally recognized naturopathic doctors.
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