Eat with Care

Why do a Spring Cleanse?

As few as 10% of patients with chronic illnesses are responsible for approximately 70% of healthcare costs. Chronic diseases are

The Health Packed Berry: Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is one of the botanical herbs that we use in Naturopathic Medicine. It is also a herb we

Do your supplements stand the test?

By: Dr. Michael Mason-Wood, ND My cousin keeps telling me, if you buy a cheap drill, you will be replacing

The Power of the Pomegranate

Pomegranates not only taste great, but they also have lots of medicinal benefits. The composition of pomegranates is quite unique,

Fire Cider Health Tonic As a family with two naturopathic doctors, we love to explore new recipes, especially ones that have added immune

The Foundations of Immune Health: Part 3- Diet

Optimizing the immune system requires more than taking a simple pill. It is an interplay between lifestyle and diet.  The

Dirty Dozen Chemicals to Avoid for your Hormone...

This is part 2 of the endocrine dirty dozen list: a deep dive into the 12 most toxic substances we

What is the Mediterranean Diet? And Is It Good ...

Nutrition is one of the foundational building blocks of health. What we eat plays an incredibly important role in our

Korean-style Dandelion Salad

It’s hard not to notice the amount of yellow dandelions out there right now. Dandelions are more than a colourful