The Foundational Five

The principles of naturopathic medicine decree that naturopathic treatments should always be uniquely tailored to work with each individual patient. Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) look at patients holistically and believe in addressing the root cause of each person’s disease. It’s incredibly powerful to treat based on this principle, but after years of practice I find there are some basic health-promoting staples that are important for almost every person I see,

New Services You Don’t Want to Miss!

New Services: Meal Planning, Kitchen Cleanse, Grocery Tours and Diet analysis

Meal Planning

How many of the following statements apply to you or someone you know:

  • Do you lead a busy lifestyle and just don’t have the time to plan meals?
  • Are you opting for take-out and restaurants more than you’d like?

Feed Your Body Like a Ferrari by Dr. Lorraine McCarthy

Feed Your Body Like a Ferrari by Dr. Lorraine McCarthy

This summer, I read about US Olympian Carli Lloyd who was asked about her daily diet. The article included colourful pictures of a typical day’s food for Ms. Lloyd, featuring healthy protein sources such as legumes and fish as well as many fresh fruits and leafy green salads.

Healthy Happy Hallowe’en – have you met the “switch witch”

For the last few years, our son has been quite sick in early November – and I wrote about that in a recent blog post. I have been suspicious that the increase in sugar consumption following Hallowe’en was the culprit. Sugar depresses the immune system and results in a perfect terrain for those nasty “bugs”

Surviving the Holidays

Ways to avoid the holiday bulge by Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND

 It is that time of year again – where we throw caution to the wind with our diet and tend to overindulge in sugar-laden food and maybe a little too much wine. Do you notice that you are more susceptible to catching a cold or flu during the holidays,

Naturopathic Guidelines for Depression & Anxiety

Statistics report that 1 in 4 people experience depression or anxiety in their lifetime. The good news is that it is a very
treatable condition. The naturopathic approach to depression and anxiety focuses on identifying and treating the cause
using a combination of dietary, lifestyle and herbal/supplement recommendations, as well as cognitive-behavioural

7 steps to Eating a Healthy Diet by Dr. Chris

Diet is the foundation of health! You are what you eat, what you absorb and what you don’t excrete. Profitability drives our society and it, not your nutritional health, is the key motivating force behind the food industry.

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