Not All Iron Is Created Equal

A typical prescription when you are low in iron is to take an iron supplement. With so many supplements out there, it may be hard to choose, and so you might just go with the most popular product, Feramax. By the name, it sounds like it might just do the trick.

The company that owns Feramax boasts that it is the #1 recommended over-the-counter iron supplement in Canada,

Nutrition Tips for Athletes

by Dr. Michael Mason-Wood and Joy Dertinger

Is your child in sports? With a son in hockey, soccer and curling, we find there are many different influences from coaches, teammates and parents about what is healthy. And then there is the internet.

It can be confusing on who to trust and which information is correct.

Support your Menstrual Cycle with Seeds

Support your menstrual cycle with seeds by Dr. Chris Bjorndal

Do you struggle with mood swings prior to your menstrual cycle? Can you cry at a Kleenix commercial during this time? Or are you extra irritable and slightly more prone to anger just before your period? Remember that most hormone conditions, such as,

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique was developed in Australia in the 1950’s. Today, it is known around the world for its effective yet gentle treatment of a wide variety of ailments. Bowen is a cross-fiber, soft-tissue treatment. It approaches the body with the principle of “structure governs function.” Meaning, when the structures are returned to a healthy state,

Are we sure about Ensure?

Are we sure about Ensure?

Ensure claims to be the #1 Doctor recommended nutritious drink, with its label stating it allows for a ‘complete, balanced nutrition to help stay healthy, active and energetic.’ But is this really the case? Ensure Clear provides 180 calories, 9 grams of protein, and 17 essential vitamins and minerals per serving.

Is Adrenal Fatigue ruining your life?

Is Adrenal Fatigue ruining your life?

Adrenal fatigue is largely the result of mental, physical and emotional stress – and it is an invisible epidemic. The most important thing that no one is telling you is that your exhaustion and lack of focus and mental clarity may very well be adrenal fatigue, a condition that is fast becoming an epidemic in this country,

Feed Your Body Like a Ferrari by Dr. Lorraine McCarthy

Feed Your Body Like a Ferrari by Dr. Lorraine McCarthy

This summer, I read about US Olympian Carli Lloyd who was asked about her daily diet. The article included colourful pictures of a typical day’s food for Ms. Lloyd, featuring healthy protein sources such as legumes and fish as well as many fresh fruits and leafy green salads.

The 5 most common supplement mistakes

In practice, I find there are five common mistakes that people are making with respect to supplements.

  1. The first is the belief that diet is enough and you don’t need to supplement. For many health conditions, you require more nutrients than the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) suggests. Keep in mind that the RDA is set at recommended levels for healthy individuals and this may not be enough if you have a health concern (ie depression,

The Scoop On Poop

How improving your bathroom habits can improve your overall health,
Interview Conducted by: Alison Dunn

It’s a favorite subject for any seven-year-old, but for everyone else, talking about bowel movements is a pretty squeamish topic. “It’s kind of a taboo subject,” says Dr. Christina Bjorndal, a naturopathic doctor with the Natural Terrain Naturopathic Clinic in Edmonton.

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