Changes To Bloodwork Access

Please take a moment to review the important information below!

Due to privacy laws, there have been some changes to how we can access your bloodwork going forward.

As it is important for us to understand your complete health picture since we analyze your results in order to individualize your treatment plan. There are 3 ways to ensure that we access your health information going forward:

1. Ensure your MD enters your ND’s information in the ‘Copy To’ section of your bloodwork requisition in order for the results to also be sent to the clinic. The information to include is:

a) ND’s Name and physician code: Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND – NB6893 & Dr. Michael Mason-Wood, ND – NF4905

b) Clinic address: Natural Terrain, 6650 177 St NW #200, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J5

c) Clinic phone number: 587-521-3595

d) Clinic fax number: 1-855-541-0837

2. Sign up to access your own health records at MyHealthAlberta:

Once you have access to your results, you can email them to us at to upload them to your chart, or bring them to your appointment.

In your MyHealth Records Portal, click the ‘Share My Record’ invite link and then click ‘Share Health Information with Someone You Trust’ option. Add our clinic email (above) as the Recipient’s email address, click ‘No Expiration Date’ for Access Information Expiration Date and create a Passcode as specified. Click ‘Send Invitation’. Once you’ve done this, please email or call the clinic to share your passcode with us which will allow us to view and download your results.

3. Complete a Release of Records during your initial consultation/follow-up consultation with us which we can fax to your MDs office. We will then get the results faxed to us here at the clinic. NOTE: there may be a fee from your MD to send the results to us.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us!