Eat with Care

3-Day Detox Plan

With each change of season, many take the opportunity to tune up their diets with a spring cleanse or fast.

Caffeine – is it healthy?

Is coffee part of your morning routine? Are you convinced that it is good for you? Have you ever considered

Recipes to Help Fight Allergies

Quinoa Salad Stuffed Peppers Adapted from and Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine and benefits the immune system by increasing many

MMMmmmm Campbell’s

I grew up eating Campbell’s soup and I loved all the flavours – chicken noodle, tomato, vegetable and mushroom. Back

Holiday Recipes – Turkey Rub, Cranberry Sauce, ...

Here are some yummy holiday recipes compliments of Dr. Haarsma and Dr. McCarthy. Spice Rub: Try the following spice rub on

Pesticide protection – 7 easy steps

Eat fruits and vegetables on the dirty dozen list organic. Buy locally grown produce whenever possible. Since it isn’t shipped long distances,

How to eat mindfully in 4 steps by Dr. Chris, ND

Step 1: Cook real food Diet is the foundation of health! You have probably heard time and time again that

14 Simple Tips to Kick Sugar Cravings

14 Simple Tips to Kick Sugar Cravings by Dr. Chris Sugar is the one substance that I have a bumpy,

8 Health Risks of Low Cholesterol

8 Health Risks of Low Cholesterol – by Dr. Christina Bjorndal and Lachlan Crawford It’s commonly known that elevated cholesterol