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What’s In Your Water? (Filter Guide)

In 2019, the Environmental Working group, an authority on environmental health matters, released a peer-reviewed study estimating that chemical pollutants

Dirty Dozen Chemicals to Avoid for your Hormone...

This is part 2 of the endocrine dirty dozen list: a deep dive into the 12 most toxic substances we

Dirty Dozen Chemicals to Avoid for your Hormone...

There is no end to the tricks that endocrine disruptors can play on our bodies: increasing production of certain hormones,

Sleep Hygiene: What you can do to help you sleep

What your body does during the day is just as important as what your body does during the night. Sleep

5 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of health and wellbeing.  In order to improve sleep quality, there are a number of

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is an important part of your physical, mental and emotional health. How you feel during the day, is largely

What is the Mediterranean Diet? And Is It Good ...

Nutrition is one of the foundational building blocks of health. What we eat plays an incredibly important role in our

Ozone therapy: A diverse treatment option

Ozone therapy is a treatment used frequently in our clinic to help patients with a variety of different symptoms and

Korean-style Dandelion Salad

It’s hard not to notice the amount of yellow dandelions out there right now. Dandelions are more than a colourful