Environmental Quiz

Check each item that applies to you:

  1. Do you drink pop, calorie free or sugary drinks? This includes mixing them with alcohol (ie rum and coke)
  2. Do you drink anything out of a plastic bottle?
  3. Do you use non-stick frying pans?
  4. Do you drink Vitamin mineral water?
  5. Do you use a microwave?
  6. Do you use a cell phone or a computer for more than 3 hours a day?
  7. Do you use Advil, Tylenol, Imodium or any over the counter medication more than 1x/ year?
  8. Do you eat foods that have food coloring (ie Smarties, M&Ms, cheddar cheese, etc)?
  9. Do you consume canned goods (ie soup in a can)?
  10. Do you use personal care products with phthalates or parabens?
  11. Do you drink more than 2 alcoholic drinks per day?
  12. Do you exercise less than 30 minutes per day, 4 days per week?
  13. Do you regularly consume foods that are Genetically Modified. These foods are: Corn, Soybeans, Canola, Cottonseed and Beet sugar.
  14. Do you eat any of the following foods in the non-organic form?
    1. Apples
    2. Celery
    3. Cherry tomatoes
    4. Cucumbers
    5. Grapes
    6. Hot peppers
    7. Nectarines (imported)
    8. Peaches
    9. Potatoes
    10. Spinach
    11. Strawberries
    12. Sweet bell peppers
  15. Do you drink manufactured orange juice?
  16. Do you suffer from any of the following: ongoing fatigue, headaches, pain, and constant colds and coughs?
  17. Do you regularly experience digestive concerns such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome?
  18. Have you been diagnosed with low thyroid function or a skin condition (ie eczema, psoriasis, acne)?
  19. Do you use hand sanitizer or Colgate toothpaste on a regular basis?
  20. Are you more than 15 lbs overweight?

Less than 5: You win top marks and qualify for the “Squeaky Clean” award – Congrats!

Between 5-12: You are in need of an integrated detoxification program – call our clinic today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Mason-Wood at 587-521-3595

Greater than 12: Your body is a toxic wasteland – call our clinic today to schedule a critical care appointment with Dr. Mason-Wood at 587-521-3595

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