10 steps to a New You

10 Steps to a New You

  1. Breathe: Those who practice deep breathing have better memories and are have an enhanced ability to cope with stress.
  2. Eat your veggies: Vegetables are high in antioxidants so they can slow the aging process, they fill you up and provide much needed fiber for a healthy gut.
  3. Get a good sleep: While sleeping your body focuses on detoxifying your tissues and reversing the harmful effects of pollution, bad eating and stress.
  4. Correct imbalances: Whether lifestyle, energetic or dietary, imbalances use up valuable energy and resources without giving you anything back. Pick one imbalance you can correct –ie drinking more water. And then build on this. Your body will thank you.
  5. Honour yourself:  When you are giving yourself what you need, your body has a wonderful way of healing itself and attracting more goodness into your life.
  6. Exercise and get outside: Increasing your heart rate and moving your muscles increases the bodies ability of to fight stress, illness and injury. Being in touch with the outdoors makes you aware of natural rhythms and improves mood and energy.
  7. Eat organic foods, drink purified water: When you give your body the right building blocks, you build better tissue leading to improved health. Plus it just simply tastes better!
  8. Make connections: Women generally live longer and are happier because of the power of the relationships they form. The number and quality of relationships is directly proportional to the perceived quality of life in several studies.
  9. Detoxify: Exposure to daily hazards leads to a build up of chemicals in the body. Only when these toxins are removed can the body function as it should. Consult with a naturopathic doctor to help with this process.
  10. Play, be creative: As we get older, we forget to really enjoy life. Plan a fun activity every day, whether it is a hobby, watching a 30 min sitcom or chatting with a friend nurture your inner child. You deserve it!

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