• Organic consumers association is dedicated to promoting the growing and selling of organic food:
  • Whole foods market sells natural and organic health products. The website also contains recipes, product information and a community of people dedicated to healthy living:
  • The environmental working group is a non profit group dedicated to the protection of public health and the environment:
  • Epicurious is a website that provides recipes, articles and guides on healthy eating. It also contains a vibrant community of individuals who are passionate about healthy eating:
  • Planet organic is an Alberta chain of organic supermarkets. The website contains store information as well as resources for living a healthy organic lifestyle:
  • Roots On Whyte is a diverse group of health and wellness professionals, customers, suppliers, families, friends and neighbours who are committed to building a strong and vibrant community:
  • Carbon Environmental Boutique is a retail store located in the historic heart of downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Carbon’s mission is threefold – to showcase and support environmental manufacture, to encourage and fortify ethical business practices and to advocate and promote non-toxic living:
  • TK Ranch is owned by Colleen Biggs. At TK Ranch, we believe that respect for both the animals and the land that we steward is the foundation for creating clean, humane, gourmet eco-friendly meat products. We realize that without happy food, we cannot have a happy earth:
  • Sunworks farm is owned by Ron and Sheila Hamilton and is located near Armena, Alberta. The farm uses a holistic, goal orientated, approach to raise certified organic animals:
  • The Alberta Organic producer’s association website provides a list of all the organic producers in Alberta as well as membership information:
  • OrganicAuthority is your trusted ally and the web‘s leading resource for all things… delicious and organic! Come chill in our kitchen as we test drive tried-and-true mouthwatering recipes and chat about the organic lifestyle:
  • Gluten free blog: this blog contains mouth watering gluten-free and vegan + vegetarian recipes:
  • Organic food education – the goal of is to educate people on the benefits of organic food, products and agriculture. With an increasingly crowded marketplace of organic goods, it is crucial to understand what the word ‘organic’ means, what type of products are available, the significance of purchasing them, and finally, how someone with little knowledge about organics can begin to take steps towards an organic lifestyle:
  • Nourishing our children is a website dedicated to promoting the principles that support learning, behaviour and health through optimal nutrition:
  • Weston A. Price Foundation – for wise traditions in food, farming and the healing arts:
  • Celiac community website contains all the information you need about celiac disease including recipes, a gluten free food list and an ever growing supportive community of people with celiac disease:
  • is the home of the gluten intolerance group. The goal of this group is to provide a support network for those suffering from gluten intolerance by providing information, recipes and a gluten-free restaurant database:
  • Gluten free mall is an online supermarket that sells all different kinds of gluten free foods:
  • Food additives to avoid:

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