FAQs : Natural Immune Support for Cold & Flu Season

We compiled our top FAQs to give you more information about the Immune Support!

I am a patient of the clinic, but I have never gotten an Immune Support before. Am I considered a new patient?

No, you would be considered an existing patient, or a ‘follow-up’ patient. New patients are those who have never been to our clinic before – where we would have you fill out a new short-form intake.

Is the Immune Support a shot or IV drip?

The Immune Support is a intramuscular shot.

Which doctor should I book with to get my immune Support?

Dr. Michael Mason-Wood ND administers the immune support injections! Book an appointment with him! 

How often should someone get the Immune Support?

Two to three times during flu season is optimal- but a lot of patients only get it once with great results.

Is the an age restriction? Is it good for kids?

There is no age restriction to the shot. There are alternatives for babies and children who do not want to take the shot, such as a drinkable version. As well, for newborns the solution can be used topically on the belly-button rather than injected or ingested. 

What is in the Immune Support?

LymphdiaralPascoleucyn and Gripp heel

Can you include a B-complex or B12 in the shot?

Yes we can! Send us a special request by email or phone a few days before hand and we will get your customized shot ready for you. The cost for additions is typically $10.00

Are there any side effects or adverse reactions to the immune support?

It is common to experience tenderness of the arm after an injection such as possible pain, redness, swelling or a hard lump at the injection site (if these do occur, they should pass within a couple of days). Hypersensitivity reactions could happen to components of the injection, so it is always best to reveal all sensitivities to the Doctor when you come in for your shot.

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