I recently went to see Dr. Mason-Wood, ND as I had a bout of shingles. The shingles had been misdiagnosed as a bacterial skin infection so it went several days before I was diagnosed. Because of this, the traditional anti-viral medication I was prescribed was less effective than if I had began the dosage at the immediate onset of the shingles. When I went to see Dr. Mason-Wood, ND, I was in a lot of pain! Shooting pain into my left jaw, ear, and teeth. I was taking Percocet every 4 hours and even then was experiencing some pain. At my initial visit, he was incredibly prepared. He had his books out and explained the treatment plan he had in mind for me. We “attacked” the shingles from 3 different directions – homeopathic “tinctures” following an anti-viral protocol, daily vitamin B12 injections and finally a nerve block injection into my affected nerve and homeopathic injections around the rash on my face. After the first nerve block injection, I had no pain for 8 hours and only needed to take pain medication to sleep that night. By the next day, the rash on my face had flattened and nearly disappeared. I went back the next day for another set of injections. Two days later I was back at work – tired, but still back at work. Overall, I recovered from shingles in about 2 weeks from the initial onset – in many individuals the pain can persist for months. Now, 3 weeks since the initial onset, I am no longer on any medications, and am not in any pain or discomfort. Thank you Dr. Mason-Wood, ND!

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