What Vitamin D can do for you!

2017 was a great year for Vitamin D

The research shows all the ways this Vitamin supports health

This article is adapted from the article written by Orthomolecular Medicine News Service. Subscribe to their newsletter and read the full article here.

While the importance of vitamin D for calcium absorption, metabolism and bone health was recognized about a century ago-  its importance for non-skeletal effects has only been generally recognized and appreciated in this century.

The year 2017 saw some great progress in this research. Click on the link here to read more. 

  • Vitamin D reduces the risk of acute lung infections
  • Vitamin D reduces risk for cancer
  • Vitamin D reduces behavioural abnormalities of the autistic children
  • Vitamin D reverses hypertension
  • Vitamin D reduces arterial stiffness in African Americans
  • Vitamin D lowers risk of preterm birth
  • Serum vitamin D is correlated with lower heart disease, cancer, and mortality
  • Vitamin D status predicted by patient questionnaire
  • Sales of high-dose vitamin D supplements rising rapidly in the U.S.

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Overall, 2017 was a good year for vitamin D research. It appears that there is now a widespread understanding of how vitamin D clinical trials should be conducted. Unfortunately, several major vitamin D clinical trials will be completed and report results in the next year or two that were not so carefully designed and conducted.

For further information on vitamin D, the interested reader is urged to search for papers at pubmed.gov and scholar.google.com as well as visit the websites of the major vitamin D advocacy organizations:


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