10 strategies for healthy thoughts & emotions

  1. Practice “thought stopping”. Use your ability to “choose” your thoughts and your feelings will follow. Create a resource of positive affirmations like “I am strong and capable” and positive images that make you smile, for example, I have a picture of my son always in view. When you become aware of an uncomfortable feeling or thought intercept it with the affirmation or image.
  2. Eliminate “I can’t” thinking. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right”. Replace the word “can’t” with “will” or “won’t” as these words are more empowering. See yourself doing what you choose to do.
  3. Focus on being happy rather than your justification to be angry or sad. Holding on to anger or sadness only weakens you. It’s your choice.
  4. Think about everything in terms of what you want in your life rather than what you don’t want. For example, thoughts of affluence become “I want to be well-off” as opposed to “I don’t want to be poor”.
  5. Stop worrying. Examine the situation objectively. Determine what you will do to influence a positive outcome in the situation and act on it. Affirm a positive outcome for anything you are worrying about and continually refocus your thoughts on the positive solution. Recognize what is out of your control or what you aren’t able to influence and realize that worrying won’t change that.
  6. Practice good mental hygiene daily. Take a couple of moments a few times a day to repeat an empowering affirmation or review a loving image. This is a boost to your immune system, a mood lifter and a spiritual reconnection. An affirmation I repeated for years after reading “Living in the light” by Shakti Gawain was “The light within me is creating miracles in my life, here and now”. Feel free to use this one or find an affirmation that resonates with you.
  7. Use your spiritual or religious beliefs to your advantage. Within these frameworks exist beliefs or practices to provide strength and encouragement. For example, “what you focus on expands,” or “the Lord helps those who help themselves”. Belief is a very powerful motivator that will help to shape your thoughts. Therefore, foster positive and empowering beliefs.
  8. Take responsibility for your reactions to events and stop blaming others or situations. You may not have directly been responsible for an event but you can choose how to react to it. This approach will awaken you to your ability to alter the effects of the situation rather than feeling helpless and victimized.
  9. Think health-promoting thoughts. Your body lives everything you think. Whether you are experiencing a temporary or long-term illness, focus on all of the healthy, supporting systems of your body. If you are well then express gratitude to your body.
  10. Take time to de-stress daily. Even a couple of ten-minute breaks in the course of the day can have enormous benefits to your mind and body. Deep breathing, short meditations or regular stretching will relax the nervous system, slow down responses, calm the mind and put you back in touch with your body.


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