A New Year a New You

Every year, many people make a New Years resolution. Often, the resolution is to vow to do something different that they haven’t been able to achieve – for example – start & commit to an exercise program or lose and keep off x # of pounds. I have two twists on this idea. The first is not waiting until New Years Day to change. I constantly hear from patients that they will start a new program, eat better or make changes after the holidays. I encourage them to not wait. Start now. Take little steps like instead of having 3 gingerbread cookies, have 1 or better yet, skip the sugar as it is not a solution to your health problems, and have a few more carrot sticks. Remember that every moment is an opportunity to start a New Year’s resolution.

The second is the idea of a Recurring Resolution.

These are changes that I have made or goals that I set annually and they remain objectives for me in my life. A big one for me is to not be a burden on our already over taxed health care system. After many years of hospital stays, I vowed in 2001 that I would restore my mental health so that I would not need to take up a bed in an overcrowded system. I was hospitalized in 2003 and 2008 for my mental health, however, other than those years, I have remained “hospital-free”. This is not to say that if I need medical attention I won’t go because of my “Recurring New Years resolution”, but rather my primary goal in life is to emphasize my mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. For my physical health, I always set a goal like completing a 10km faster than I did the year before. This year, my physical goals are to participate in the Banff to Jasper relay for the 2nd year in a row running 14km – and I hope to make this an event that I participate in annually. I am also training for a triathlon. In 2001, I completed an Ironman, and since then, I participated in one triathlon in 2011, 10 years after Ironman.

Lastly, if you do have a resolution that you are trying to make permanent or recurring in your life I will be offering a group coaching program starting 2017 which is designed to help you achieve optimal well-being in 2017. If you know someone that is ready to shift gears in their life and grow into their authenticity and personal truth then please let them know about my Moving Beyond coaching program. If there is someone that is struggling with depression, anxiety, disordered eating or an eating disorder, addictions, bipolar disorder (Type 1 or 2) or someone that simply wants to make a change in their life (ie career, relationship) please let them know about this exciting opportunity:

The group will be limited to 25 people and it is an intimate format that will transform your life. Coaching groups provide the tools and support you need to uncover your truth and create the life you’ve imagined. Please email: admin@naturalterrain.com with the subject: Moving Beyond – Group Coaching Program if you are interested in joining and we will send you pricing details and further information on how you can participate. Act quickly as these spots tend to fill up fast! I look forward to working with you to make 2017 your best year yet! Happy New Year!

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