Essentials for your Natural First Aid Travel Kit

Natural First-Aid Travel Kit Essentials

By Dr. Michael Mason-Wood

Recently, I was talking to a patient who is going travelling and I mentioned what I do to support my family before a holiday. I love to have fun when travelling and not be sick or sore when doing so.

Your First-Aid Travel Kit should include essential homeopathics.

Homeopathic remedies are small and easy to throw in any travel bag. You can also find them at many natural health stores. Here are four that are definitely essential:

  1. Arnica is for any trauma, a must have for any first aid kit – this can be a fall, hit, black eye, sprain, twist or strain.
  2. Hypericum is for any trauma to the nervous system, cuts, banging your thumb with a hammer etc.
  3. Ledum is for bruising or puncture wounds, more of a long-term remedy to prevent bruising after a trauma (think black eyes).
  4. Arsenicum is for travellers diarrhea and has helped us on many trips to Mexico or other countries where this is a problem.

A DIY Travel Kit should also include supplements.

As for supplements, our normal arsenal includes Probiotics, MSM, Enzymes, Magnesium, Iodine, Colloidal silver and Vitamin D.

  • Probiotics are good for traveller’s diarrhea, both for prevention and treatment.
  • MSM, Enzymes (such as Wobenzyme, taken away from food) and Magnesium are all for recovery and pain prevention following a busy day skiing or hiking.
  • Iodine, Colloidal silver and Vitamin D are all for helping to support the immune system  should we get any infections while travelling. I also use iodine and colloidal silver to help treat water in places where it may be a little sketchy for drinking. Usually we will boil it first then add some of the iodine or silver to kill off any bacteria. I prefer this over drinking from plastic water bottles that are toxic.

Finally, be proactive and boost your immunity before you travel!

Although it isn’t a part of the kit, you will have to worry much less if you boost your immunity before traveling.

Prior to travelling, my wife and I get an intravenous drip of Vitamin C, B complex, B5, B6, Adrenal support, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc. These nutrients support the immune system and prevent us from getting sick on an airplane.

This covers us for most ailments while travelling. If something arises, we visit a local health food store or pharmacy for other first aid supplies. Always remember, if you have any serious health issues or a health emergency while traveling to visit your nearby hospital.

To learn more about how to prevent illness while travelling, please call 587-521-3595 to schedule an appointment. I will then be able to customize a treatment plan for you based on your travel destination, activity levels and health needs.

Dr. Michael Mason-Wood, ND

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