Meet Dr. Michael Mason-Wood, ND

Dr. Mason-Wood is a Naturopathic Doctor who is truly passionate about helping people achieve greater health.

His philosophy is to treat every patient as a unique individual in order to design a treatment plan that will be most suited to their needs. Check out his bio for more information.

We asked Dr. Mason-Wood, ND some informal questions so you can find out more about your Naturopathic Doctor.

How long have you worked at Natural Terrain? 

I started the business in November of 2003 in Whitehorse since where I was born and raised in the Yukon.

Tell us about yourself

It wasn’t until my 8th year of post-secondary school that I really knew what I wanted to do, meaning I took 12 years of post-secondary!

In my spare time I love gardening and then cooking what I’ve grown, as well as fixing things that are broken. When I have time for TV I have been watching Narcos, Riverdale, Law and Order, Hawaii 5-0, recently started InHumans. I also love watching curling.

What area of natural medicine are you passionate about?

Pain management, anti-aging, environmental medicine and hormonal problems.

Tell us about an extraordinary experience working with a patient while working as a Naturopathic Doctor

One patient in particular struggled with pain for 20 years. After treatments, he was pain free, had more energy and was able to live his life again. It was great being able to help give someone get their life back. 

What is your favourite part of working at Natural Terrain?

It is a busy clinic and with that comes days going by fast, so it is never boring.

What is one thing you think customers need to know about Natural Terrain?

We strive to keep patients happy & help them feel better than when they first came in the clinic.

What is one thing you’d like people to know about Naturopathic Medicine?

It is work, there is no magic pill and to get better takes following our guidance. At the end of the day, it is the patient who is ultimately in control of their health and we are just there to guide them on this journey.

Tell us one thing you do daily to stay healthy

No processed foods, most of what we eat is made from scratch. This takes a lot of time to prepare and cook a good meal, but it is worth it. I usually spend 1 – 1.5 hours every day on our family meals.

What is one thing about living in Edmonton that makes it unique?

I love my bike ride to work in the summer. I find it relaxing as it is through the trails with a couple of nice hills to give me a challenge.

What is YOUR super power?

In school I was known as a combination of Macgyver and Martha Stewart, as I could fix or construction almost anything from scrap parts.

My philosophy is to treat every patient as a unique individual in order to design a treatment plan that will be most suited to their needs.

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