Natural Terrain’s Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of wellness this holiday season! There are many different gifts that you can give to loved ones to stay healthy. We, at Natural Terrain, have put together a list of our top gifts

  1. Beyond the Label by Dr. Christina Bjorndal
    • Dr. Chris has been praised for the power and wisdom she shares through her book “Beyond the Label”. A recent review in the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine states that “Beyond The Label is at once a deeply intimate offering of personal struggle and growth, and a rousing “how-to” instructional guide for cultivating one’s own internal peace. Cutting-edge research and resources abound in this book to galvanize those with mental illness, and their loved ones.” This book is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about mental health and hear an inspiring story of how Dr. Chris overcame her mental illness. Dr. Jonathan Prousky, ND praises Beyond The Label, “This book should be on the shelves of every person struggling with their moods”. Beyond the Label is available at the clinic, Chapters and on Kindle and Amazon:; as well as at local bookstores (Audreys Bookstore and Ascendant books and Lifeforce Herbal Healing Centre in Fort McMurray). A portion of the proceeds from book sales goes towards a mental health scholarship (the Natural Terrain Naturopathic Award) at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.
  2. TrueDark Glasses
    • Overexposure to blue light wavelengths found in artificial light can damage the cells in our eyes over time.  It can also throw your circadian rhythm, off track —  making it difficult to get quality sleep at night and perform well during the day (whether it be at work or in an athletic capacity). TrueDark glasses reduces your exposure to harmful light – day or night – restoring your circadian rhythm and bringing balance to your mind and body. These glasses are available online. 
  3. Handmade Soap
    • Avoid toxins with handmade soaps made by Dr. Mason-Wood. Available at the clinic from $4.50 – $5.50.
  4. Moving Beyond- A Journal to Self-discovery by Dr. Christina Bjorndal
    • A great gift to encourage an exploration into mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health through journaling. Dr. Chris’ journal is available at the clinic or Chapters and Amazon:
  5. The Essential Diet: Eating for Mental Health 
    • The Essential Diet is a book that provides simple and healthy recipes that will ensure the body has the essential nutrients needed for mental health. Perfect for those who want to learn about how to support their mental health or for those who need some inspiration in the kitchen. The Essential Diet is available at the clinic, at Chapters, or on Kindle or Amazon:,
  6. The Delicious Detox Cookbook by Dr. Carol Morley
    • A great idea for anyone that wants to start eating healthier! $25 – available at the clinic
  7.  Diet Analysis 
    • Give the gift of insight with a diet analysis. A diet analysis is a personalized break down of what you eat and what you may be missing from your diet. It also helps us guide your diet changes to make the most impact on your health.

We wish you a healthy and happy holiday season,

From the Natural Terrain team 🙂

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