New Services You Don’t Want to Miss!

New Services: Meal Planning, Kitchen Cleanse, Grocery Tours and Diet analysis

Meal Planning

How many of the following statements apply to you or someone you know:

  • Do you lead a busy lifestyle and just don’t have the time to plan meals?
  • Are you opting for take-out and restaurants more than you’d like?
  • Does thinking about what to make for supper stress you out?
  • Do you need some variety in your meals and snacks?
  • Are you ready to make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle, but are unsure where to start?

If you want to feel healthier, have more energy, improve your digestion, lose weight or address a reoccurring or underlying health condition, We’re here to help. Let’s reduce some of your stress by saving you time and the effort to meal plan for your week.

After meeting for a 20-minute initial meal plan consultation and completion of a questionnaire to provide an overview of your dietary and lifestyle habits and to address any roadblocks to success, a one- or two-week meal plan will be created for you. Meal plans will focus on a balanced, whole foods diet, and your personalized meal plan will reflect your likes, dislikes and health goals as well as take into account any pre-existing medical conditions.

What’s included in your custom meal plan package:

  • One personalized meal plan with recipes (including breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks)
  • Full grocery list
  • Tips and tools for success

Offered by Dr. Candace Haarsma who has a special focus in nutrition and has advanced training in nutrition receiving the designation of Culinary Nutrition Expert from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition.


7 day meal plan- $150

14 day meal plan- $250

Kitchen Cleanse

  • Do you wonder if the foods and ingredients in your kitchen are helping or hindering your health goals?
  • Do you feel like you need more health guidance in your own kitchen pantry and fridge?
  • Are you ready to transition to a whole foods household?
  • Are you going gluten or dairy free?
  • Do you or someone in your household have a food allergy or sensitivity that you need help navigating?

No matter what your health goals are, this service is designed to take out the guesswork. We will identify the items preventing you from reaching your optimal health and wellness—going through each item one by one, box by box and can by can. We will also help you understand why those items are undesirable and are hindering your goals, including label reading so you can feel confident when grocery shopping.

You will receive a personalized grocery list for your next grocery shopping trip containing healthful, nourishing alternatives and replacement items to re-stock your kitchen. Additionally, we will provide information and tips about food storage. By the end of the process, you will feel confident and empowered to make healthful choices about what food items and ingredients to bring into your home and stock your pantry with.


  • 90 minute in-home pantry and fridge assessment and makeover, following completion of a questionnaire identifying your goals and obstacles in the kitchen
  • A kitchen cleanse re-stock shopping list
  • Label reading and food storage tip sheets
  • Three customized recipes considering your needs and preferences

Investment: $200 (locally in Edmonton)

For surrounding areas to Edmonton, please contact for pricing.

Offered by Dr. Candace Haarsma (mentioned above) and Dr. Lorraine McCarthy who is a Naturopathic Doctor who lives in a family with food intolerances. She is passionate about whole foods eating and living and has a keen focus on the role the environment plays in our food and health.

Grocery store tours:

Grocery shopping – love it or loathe it, it must be done. Often. However, with so many food choices available today, shopping is not simple, especially if you have optimal health in mind.

  • Do you ever find yourself in a grocery aisle unsure of what item to put in your cart?
  • Do you ever wonder if there is a healthier option than the one you are choosing?
  • Do you ever feel confused reading the ingredient list or nutrition label?

Shopping doesn’t need to feel so confusing or intimidating. Helping people make healthy food choices is a passion of Naturopathic Doctors, so allow one of us to guide you. We will meet you at the grocery store to educate and empower you to shop for better health for you and your family. We can also help you navigate how to shop for a food sensitivity.

We will meet you at your preferred store. We will discuss:

  • Tips for choosing healthy foods
  • Which ingredients to avoid
  • How to read nutrition labels
  • Decoding ingredients
  • Healthy snack and on-the-go options
  • Organic foods which are the most important
  • Natural and artificial sweeteners
  • Which oils are best and why
  • Alternatives for foods you may be avoiding– e.g. dairy, gluten, meat, grains
  • Hidden sugars
  • Meal planning tips

Relevant handouts will be provided at the tour. Tours are kept one-on-one or a maximum of two people so there is ample time to answer all the questions you have.

Tours last one hour. Personal tours are $175; a two-person tour is $200.

(Additional commuting charge may apply for surrounding areas.)

Please contact the clinic at 587-521-3595 to schedule your personal grocery tour with one of our amazing Naturopathic Doctors.

Diet analysis

Do you wonder if the food you are eating is meeting your nutritional requirements. We offer a dietary analysis which looks at the food you are eating from 3 perspectives: 1) a macronutrient persperctive 2) a micronutrient perspective and 3) an environmental perspective. Many holistic nutritionists only focus on the first two points, but Naturopathic doctors at the Natural Terrain Naturopathic Clinic have special training in all three areas – which helps to maximize your health!

Includes a personalized dietary outline of the your diet from the 3 perspectives mentioned above, as well as recipes and suggestions on how you can improve your health.

Investment: $75 (for existing patients only and patients are to provide a 3 day diet diary). Please discuss with your Naturopathic Doctor.

Please contact the clinic at 587-521-3595 to schedule any or all of our new services!!!

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