What is Ozone Preconditioning?

This breakthrough technology shows us how to use prevention as our best medicine.

Traditionally in most societies, medicine is thought of as a solution to being sick. But one of the main principles of using Naturopathic Medicine is that prevention is the best medicine. That’s exactly the ethos behind the new breakthrough therapy called Ozone Preconditioning.

This therapy works through using a molecule called peroxide that delivers rejuvenating signals to all cells.

Ozone treatments do a number of amazing things, such as…

  • increases oxygen delivery/utilization
  • increases energy production in cells
  • stimulates detoxification
  • reduces inflammation
  • supports antioxidant enzymes
  • increases production of red and white blood cells to help you naturally fight off external pathogens

What is Ozone Preconditioning & its effects?

Preconditioning occurs when an animal is exposed to a stressor or stimulus in order to prepare it for a later encounter with a similar stressor or stimulus.

Effects of ozone preconditioning includes protection against inflammatory and neuro-degenerative states that are the root cause of nearly every condition common to people over 50. It also increases resiliency against side effects of common chemotherapy drugs, helping you to beat the cancer and the damage that conventional treatment can cause.

Current studies are showing it prevents, treats and even stops disease processes in…

  • cardiovascular disease
  • infections
  • environmental toxicity
  • chemotherapy
  • trauma
  • surgery
  • stress
  • aging
  • radiation exposures

It also has shown to increase the survival rate for those that already had some of these concerns.

Doctors are convinced that pre-conditioning will change the way we practice medicine.

These breakthrough new treatments build your healing potential and fortify your cells against degeneration and other disease processes. Ask how you can learn more about individualizing Ozone Preconditioning to your personal health needs.

Ozone can be administered in a variety of different ways and produces a number of positive effects in the body. Here is a handy image you might also find useful. Ozone benefits picture for email

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