Recipe for Amazing Health

Recipe for Amazing Health
1. See an ND monthly or as needed to get your health on track. Continue to visit your ND 1-2x/year thereafter.
2. See a psychologist as above for your mental health
3. Work with your ND or a holistic nutritionist to ensure a strong dietary foundation
4. See an open-minded MD + specialists (as needed) that will work with your ND
5. As needed, add a structural integration specialist (osteopath or rolfer), chiropractor, massage therapist and/or acupuncturist
6. As needed, see a physiotherapist.
See or to find an ND. Then, mix ingredients 2-6 as needed with lots of personal self-care, positive nutrition as prescribed by your ND and combine with a supportive community network + regular exercise you love for amazing health.
Servings: will last a lifetime

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