A Few of Our Favourite Things Part 1

One of the unique differences about Natural Terrain is that we are a husband and wife naturopathic team. As clinic owners, we care about you and your health. As parents, our number one concern is the health of our child (who is now 12.5!) and as a married couple that also work together, we strive daily to find “work/life” balance. An area of medicine that we are both passionate about is environmental medicine.  We try to keep our home as toxin-free as possible (to get an idea of how you are doing, take our Environmental Quiz). For the new year, we want to share a couple of the things we love because they help keep our family happy and healthy.

Stainless Steel Lunch Box

This stainless-steel lunch box contains four sections to ensure that you can pack a variety of snacks and have a balanced meal, even when you’re on the go! And it’s plastic-free! How great is that!

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

This is Dr. Mason-Wood’s new favorite thing! There are a few tools that we really love, one of our new favorite tools in the kitchen is the Instant Pot pressure cooker. Dr. Mason-Wood uses it 2-3 times per week. The most recent recipe he made was this Vegan 15 Bean Soup. with a little change – he added 12 ground shitake mushrooms to the recipe for some extra immune boosting properties and it tasted great!

Glass Storage Containers

Glass storage containers are a great alternative to plastic containers. These glass storage containers are large and have a tight sealing lid which is perfect for storing your left overs! They are oven, dishwasher and microwaveable safe. We suggest reheating foods in the oven or on the stovetop. If you do use a microwave to reheat food, please never, ever put anything plastic in the microwave – even if it is just a lid that is not touching the food – the small particles can still be a problem for your health.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog where we feature more of our kitchen favorites!!

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