Is Adrenal Fatigue ruining your life?

Is Adrenal Fatigue ruining your life?

Adrenal fatigue is largely the result of mental, physical and emotional stress – and it is an invisible epidemic. The most important thing that no one is telling you is that your exhaustion and lack of focus and mental clarity may very well be adrenal fatigue, a condition that is fast becoming an epidemic in this country, due to stress, poor nutrition and lifestyle.

The symptoms go far beyond just fatigue and can actually include difficulty falling asleep and insomnia (yes, you can have both), food and sugar cravings, the inability to control blood sugar, lack of mental clarity… this condition is brutally disruptive.

Even if a good night’s sleep is had, an individual with adrenal fatigue feels tired all or most of the time. The good news? It is also highly reversible with the right steps and solutions. In fact, what you don’t know about your adrenal system could literally change your life.

The Adrenal Reset Summit begins in just a few days, and I have been blown away by the list of event speakers and creative strategies that will be featured at this event. Here’s just a small sampling…

  • Dr. Peter Osborne, Author of No Grain, No Pain
  • Dr. Jack Wolfson, Author of The Paleo Cardiologist
  • Dr. Izabella Wentz, Author of Hashimotos Thyroiditis
  • Dr. Ben Lynch, Leading Researcher on MTFR (amino acids for growth and metabolism)
  • Dr. Sara Ballantyne, Ph.D., AKA The Paleo Mom
  • Dr. Aviva Romm, Physician, Herbalist and Midwife
  • JJ Virgin, NY Times best selling author of The Virgin Diet
  • Dr. Ritamarie Lascalzo, Founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology,
  • Dr. Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN, NY, and Founder of Transforming Women’s Health Naturally
  • Dr. Michael Murray, The Natural Medicine, Health & Nutrition Expert
  • Trudy Scott, Nutritionist and food-mood expert

(And hosted by NY Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Alan Christianson)

What you don’t know about your adrenal system could literally change your life. Just add a little more energy to your life every day – and everything changes.

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Here’s to your best health and BEST life.

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